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Living In God's Glory

Supernatural life from Submitting to and Obeying God - Dudley Perio

222 pages
$19.95 + S&H Special $16.95 + S&H


Book Description:


True story of Texas oilfield engineer who acts on what God communicates with him. Dudley sat on the back row of his family's home church for twenty years. While building an oil rig in Norway God spoke to him. If you give me the credit I will give you supernatural ideas and miracles. Many miracles and supernatural activities are chronicled in Living In God's Glory.


During 2012 fifty God given supernatural ideas were patented by Dudley. Many of Dudley's patented ideas are impacting oil fields in China, Mexico, South America, Asia, Kenya and the USA. An easy and exciting reading. Dudley Perio wakes up, showers, and sees gold flecks appear on his body daily. This has happened every morning since September 5, 2010 to this date, now over six years. Dudley is well-known in the Texas oil fields for his inventions and 30 years as an oil rig engineer. Working outdoors and in the public, Dudley is asked daily, What's this gold dust about? His answer is When I get in God's presence this comes on me.


This is most often followed by Dudley ministering to that person. Miracles happen as this manifestation of God's Glory ignites faith.


Dudley Perio is well known in the Texas oil fields for his designs and inventions, as well as for thirty years as an oil rig engineer. He is the founder Dudley J. Perio, Inc. of Austin, which designs, manufactures, and markets oil field equipment for the oil and gas industry.


Since September 5, 2010, God has been taking Dudley on an amazing journey to do “His” bidding to let people know that God loves them. As well as healings, miracles, words of knowledge, preaching, and encouraging, God has now imparted to Dudley “gold dust.” This daily recurrence is all about praising God and being in his Manifest Presence.


With the “gold dust” comes questions by onlookers, God’s speaking to Dudley about a person’s need, and a supernatural gift of faith that allows the ministry of healing to take place.

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