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New Sound Ministries


Currently we are focused on Kenya Missions Ministry and educational development for Pastors, Angelis University and children with two mission team trips per year.

With King’s Way Foursquare Church, Sequim we provide or have provided, Laptops, Software, LED projectors, Books, Bibles, Personal needs for prisoners, prison ministry, Pastor and Leaders seminars, meals, musical instruments, toilet upgrades, and well water supply.

With our September 2019 trip we will also help Foursquare Mission Kenya to plant a new church in Kisumu, Kenya’s third largest city, and future trips plant one new church per trip.


All our Kenya ministry and support are under the oversight of Bishop Joseph Mik. President Foursquare mission Kenya.

Our USA PNW focus is teaching and training seminars on Releasing God’s Healing Power and Breaking Up With The Enemy.

Mission Statement


Spreading The Gospel Through Any Means of Communications, Webcasting, Publishing, Mission Trips, And Seminars.

The Gospel advances by personal relationships. NSM goal is to connect  people to Jesus and one another on a more personal level through Webcasting, Publishing, Mission Trips, And Seminars.



Financial Policies


We provide in writing our financial needs itemized for better understanding of how we fulfill our calling.


Your gift can be designated for a specific need or undesignated for NSM to choose where most needed.


If a specific need is over scribed your gift will be shifted to another need in that same area of ministry.


Our receipts and expenditures are available to all annually after April 30th.


Donation receipt letters will be mailed by February 28th.


September 2019 trip budget needs

We are inviting you to help in providing financial support for our Fall Kenya Ministry Missions trip. God provides through his people. Our last trip was a great blessing and encouragement to over 200 pastors. Most must work a secular full-time job and with their church stipend are blessed to have $100 a month to support a family.


These moneys are well spent in fertile Kenya’s ground. King’s Way Foursquare is our trip cosponsor.

We are excited that we will be planting a new Foursquare Church in Kisumu, Kenya, which is the third largest city, with 4 million people area wide and without a Foursquare Church.


Fall Kenya Ministry Mission 2019 budget

$700 Crawford’s books printing, 200 Grace 100 Healing                                  2 gifts $350

$800 200 New book for Kenya Authority of the Believer in Christ                  4 gifts $200

$500 200 Sermons book JR Meyers

$500 200 Sanctuary books Lauren Myers

$500 250 Unforgivable Abuse Forgiven Books                                                   2 Gifts of $250

$500 New testaments modern English                                                                2 gifts $250

$500 four projectors high power                                                                          $125 each

$600 Venue rentals Nairobi and Kisumu                                                             4 gifts $150 

$1800 Pastors lunches at conference $3 a day X 3-days X 200 pastors         4 gifts of $450

$1800 Kisumu Church plant $200 newspaper ads, $200 flyers, $800 travel, lodging, and meals, $400 four nights meeting $100 per evening, $200 local leaders’ lunch.                                                                        4 gifts $450

$1200 New Kisumu Pastor 6-month support                                                      6 gifts of $200

$910 Kisumu Venue rental new church $35 week X 26 weeks 3 gifts of         $303

---------------------------                                                                                                    Total Kisumu Church Plant $3910

---------------------------                                                                                                     $12,010 grand total


If you designate your gift, we ask that we be able to use it for another need in Kenya if your choice is over scribed. Gifts can be given through King’s Way, your own church or New Sound Ministries for IRS receipt.

We ask that your tithes go to your church and this support comes from your generous cheerful giving.


We thank you and bless you.              


Paul & Lynn Crawford, Team Leaders

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