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Planned Kenya Spring 2022 trip:
March 17 to April 10

Join us on a mission’s trip to bring REVELATION, LOVE, GRACE, HEALING, and the Gifts of the Spirit to the 300 Foursquare churches in Kenya.

We are not building Churches. We are “Building the Body of Christ in Foursquare Mission Kenya.”

We finished our third Kenya Ministry trip in November. On these trips we have seen the lame walk, blind see, deaf have had their hearing restored, many deliverances and healings. Lives and churches have experienced revival with salvations and Baptizing in The Holy Spirit. This will be our fourth trip to Kenya through the headship and guidance of Bishop Joseph Michieka head of Foursquare Mission Kenya. This trip is co-sponsored by King’s Way Foursquare Church Sequim, WA, and New Sound Ministries. We operated as team-teaching seminars, praying for healing, and loving on Kenyans.

Team members are assigned ministry and will teach, share, pray for the sick in and pass on God’s Love and Grace in Kenya. You will have an unlimited opportunity to minister at your comfort level and desire. Beware: it will grow each day as you see God in action through you. When teams (2 or more) leave the apartments to minister a local pastor will always be with you for security.

Departure March 17 T, 18 F overnight in Paris, London or Amsterdam to break up 20-hour flight and arrive in Nairobi 19 S, 20S Off to recharge after 11-hour time change, 21M Optional Safari, MAR 22 T - APR 10 SUN, Church and seminar assignments with a day off each week. Stopover typically cost an additional $100.

Team members who wish to take a Wildlife Safari can book for MAR 21. This Safari is an option ($160 - $200), but we can help you with it. You can also make one day the second day following our arrival which we have enjoyed.

We stay together in quality 4–5-bedroom apartments, compared to 3-4-star hotels. Included: Nairobi airport transfer, quality rooming and secure apartments, most meals, local ministry transportation, and training materials.

This trip is co-sponsored by King’s Way Foursquare and New Sound Ministries whose president, Paul Crawford will be the team leader, all under the headship of Bishop Joseph. Paul will coordinate the housing, ministry and travel in Kenya. You purchase the airline tickets through Golden Rule Travel. Ground cost 23 nights $2,995 or 15 day $2199 plus average airfare of $1000 based on departure city and date purchased.

Food is provided in the apartment for breakfasts and lunch if you choose to pack a lunch. We have lunch at the church or Kenyans home if the food is deemed safe by Bishop Joseph. Unlimited bottled water is available in the apartment and to take with you.

Not included: Some meals (you should have about $50 per week for personal food choices) drinks excluding water, Safaris or park fees and, excursions you choose. Passport, Kenya Visa $51 and shots: yellow fever (can get a waiver of over 60) and malaria pills and Covid vax are required, other shots are optional. Contact your personal Physician. Included are three dinners per week.


Paul Crawford, group leader (Paul lead over 500 people on mission trips) and all ministry assignments, are arranged and approved by Bishop Joseph, National President Foursquare Mission Kenya.

Things are different in in Africa. Our plans, housing and travel may be interrupted. Our trip and ministry are Holy Spirit led, but it is and always better than what we anticipated when the Spirit leads. Expect the same things for this trip.

There are always risks on any foreign trip. You will be traveling with us at your own risk. We are accompanied on our ministry assignments by local pastors which minimize the risks. You are required to purchase Foursquare group mission travel insurance, $30 and agree to leadership headship and hold harmless. This is the same coverage I have paid an average of $350 per trip from independent travel insurance companies.

We ask a deposit of $1000 pp as soon as you commit refundable until you buy your ticket. We need to prepay the rooms in cash This will reserve you a place on the team with additional final payment due August 24th. Single supplement is $18 per day or shared room own bed 2-bed room $12 per day.

Reports from previous Kenya Team Ministry Trip

Wish to thank God for Paul's ministry and his team who visited Kenya three times. We met Paul in Seattle at the Foursquare International Convention in May 2018. He mentioned that he wanted to visit Kenya. For me, it was like a dream and never thought Paul could be used by God in such a way. We really have a testimony of Paul's team and ministry that has changed many lives in Kenya. The ministry was powerful, and at the seminars the presence of God moved, many people got healed, newborn to the kingdom to God. So, we do appreciate his ministry we speak blessing upon his ministry.

Peace. Bishop Joseph Ondicho, Foursquare Mission in Kenya 300 churches


Hello there Paul and Lynn Crawford, I'm Pastor Bernard,

Kudos for the great work! In Nairobi Tassia, I saw you last week doing great work for the Lord, people being healed instantly, and Lynn preached also on the FINISHED work of the CROSS. Word of knowledge at work.

I thank God I had no physical ailment, but you challenged me to BELIEVE, though I am a believer.


I believe you've planted the seed (I am sure I'm going to serve at a higher level henceforth. Already I have gotten a deeper understanding of the spiritual gifts, which I consider is the initial miracle). I never had it before. And I am writing to say thank you for that.


And I am just wondering if you can give me free Bibles and books to give out to our church members too? Our church is just one year old and doing very well.


I pray that God will reward you richly, keep you in perfect health, secure your interests back in the US as you minister overseas. Thank you very much for your ministry. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards, Bernard


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