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Only Eternity Will Reveal The Extent Of Family

70 pages
$14.95 + $3 S&H Special $9.95 + S&H


Book Description:


Jack Williams Hayford Sr. Or affectionately referred to in this book as “Daddy” was born in Missoula, Montana in the year of 1913. He met and married Anita Dolores Farnsworth in 1932 while. Serving in the United States Navy. He went to Heaven in 1979

Their three children: Jack, Luanne, and Jim all entered the ministry upon graduation from college. Luann passed away at the age of forty while serving with her husband as missionaries in Hong Kong, China. Jack and Jim both served as pastors of large churches, served as denominational leaders and have enjoyed over 100 years of combined fruitful ministry.

In this book, youngest son Jim, tells the story of the man who largely shaped the lives of a family of Bible teachers and preachers. Only eternity will reveal the extent of this man’s family.

The book is written with new and young fathers in mind and is loaded with helpful thoughts and tips from Scripture. It is recommended for men’s groups and mentoring relationships.


Thus, it is with great delight that I commend this book to every parent—but most importantly—to fathers or “soon to be “Daddy’s.”


We live in a day that parenting, and especially fathering, has been impacted by a culture that, in some sectors, has lost sight of the foundational values and priorities that undergird families.

Pastor Jack Hayford, Retired Pastor, The Church On The Way, Founder, Chancellor Emeritus, The King’s University

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